Todd & Marsha Davis
Todd & Marsha Davis

Our Approach

It's all about the value of FUN!  To enjoy what we do and be enthused while looking forward to the process. People need to leave work happy, which means simply they are more engaged at work.  We also believe from our experiences that people who show up at work happy will leave happy!  It's that simple!  However work-leisure balance and the integration is the solutions to showing up happy.  Looking forward to time with the team at work is "Fun at work". Looking forward to recreational and special interests away from work is the secret to "Fun away from work".  Contact us for more information.

Engaged People

Imagine a meeting where 90% of the people want to show up?  At the business meeting, the professional association committee or a volunteer group project. We teach and facilitate a communication process to foster meaningful meetings so so conversations work better and the value of T, or Together in TEAM will just work. Our Team Workout program of "work-life leisure" balance will help the "I" or individual integrate health and wellness goals on a weekly basis.  People who recreate and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, show up ready to engage in work!

Meet the Team

We are the designers, directors, and facilitators of your experience to guarantee a quality experience with the outcomes to meet your group needs and objectives.

Todd Davis for bio

Todd Davis

Founder & CFO (Fun Officer)

Todd started is Parks and Recreation career with the City of Scottsdale in 1975 and has never stopped!  After 7 great years of designing and coordinating community programs, Todd ventured into the "entrepreneur" world of recreation.  He founded Corporate Games, Team Play USA, and VolunTEAMism.  He is a provider of unique recreation services, Adjunct College Faculty and a Parks and Recreation volunteer citizen Commissioner for the City of Scottsdale. His passion is Q.O.L. for all!  Quality of Life away from work will inspire better lives for all!

Marsha Davis

Marsha Davis

Vice President & Co-Founder

Since 1988 Marsha has been a partner in the recreation ventures while managing operations and systems for the company.  Marsha also "Coaches" basketball and is Adjunct College Faculty.  Her specialty is helping professionals is "Get A Life & Have More Fun" interactive workshop design to release working professionals to a better work-leisure balance.  When people look forward to their personal interests they just have more fun.  Fun through fitness, outdoors, hobbies, community service, and other special interests will help reduces stress, improve friendships and improve the overall quality of life through.  Marsha facilitates 1-hour lunch and learns or full workshops designed for improving work-life balance.  Great for a retreat, association groups or business teams and guaranteed to help participants have more fun!


Experience Providers

Programs & People

Together along with our experience providers Todd & Marsha offer a wide variety of activities to engage people in team building, community service, culinary challenges, urban fun outings, outdoor adventure and more.  Our brand experiences include:


Next Steps...

We can be your Fun Coach and provide experiences and solutions for Associations, Businesses, Retreats, Non-Profits and more.