Playshops "Conversation & Connections"

Workshops that work!

Our Mission is to release people to be more active and engaged at work and active and enjoying life away from work! Each TEAM Workout is a unique interactive experience that combines presentation on the topic, creative problem solving, communication and processing by your group or team.  The goal of the WORKOUT is to release the participants to the values of the workshop being conducted through discovery and discussions. Today more than ever, people need to communicate through a process based discussion, rather than just listening to a speaker. Fun Coach offers a variety of WORKOUT topics that can be incorporated into a lunch & learn, or half to full-day program.  We also “design” workshops to fit any book, training objective or meeting theme for your organization. Our process includes listening and Diagnosing your needs, Designing the experience & Delivering a meaningful session.  We always want to make sure that our Playshop fits your group’s interests and Needs!  The FUN Factor, Friendship-Unity & Needs met and the Values of T.E.A.M., Together Everyone Achieves More will be incorporated throughout each session.  When I say FUN, we want people to leave work happy from quality engagement and come to work happy because they scheduled the time to recreate!

Times Vary from a Lunch & Learn to a Full Day Package

Workshop Programs & Outcomes


“Without the environment of FUN at work, the values of the team won’t happen!”

This session will present a unique approach to the values of spending time together as a work team planning and performing, as well as building a sense of friendship among co-workers.  TEAM or Together Everyone Achieves More values will demonstrate for participants how their Individual Needs must be met.  Three elements of a healthy team will be presented combined with the value of the “I” in team, or individual and their attitude they bring to work.  Individuals will be challenged embrace an attitude of FUN at work while integrating time for FUN away from work.  A sense of Friendship or consideration of others is the first and most important value of F.U.N.!  When people feel connected or part of a group then Unity, or respect and teamwork, will happen more naturally.  The bottom line is the N of FUN or the Needs will be met of the Individual, feeling valued, and achievements of the organization.


  1. People who value time together create a sense of Friendship and value each other
  2. Unity is authentic trust & respect which leads to increased Performance
  3. Needs are met for the Individual team member and the organization


Can be combined and modified to fit your time and program needs.


“How to adjust your corporate culture and impact the bottom line”

This TEAM WORKOUT session will provide team tips to being more engaged at and away from work.  His 30 plus years working with corporate teams as a team building facilitator has provided his content and process for “workouts”.  Statistics say that close to 70% of the 100 million workers are disengaged at work on a daily basis yet most top executives aren’t sure what to do!  America ranks 28th in the world in “work-life balance” and the quality of life among employees.  From our experience, about 70% of people say they are somewhat or very out of balance in life and we believe this drastically impacts engagement at work.  Is it technology?  Is it your leadership?  Is it email?  There a lot of reasons people are “disengaged” and Todd will share how to inspire individuals to have more fun at and away from work.  For the “At work,” you will discover simple tips to improve team communication through “TEAM TALK”! While away from work participants will solve the “time challenge” of not having enough time to recreate, volunteer and pursue personal interests.


  1. Discover how to inspire the I or Individual in TEAM so Together Everyone Achieves More
  2. Discover how to Park & Recreate and make time for yourself so you experience work-life balance
  3. Discover tips to creating a culture that encourages engagement and the value of FUN


“Fun at work is possible through good team communication meetings”

 This session will provide you with an interactive solution to balance talkers & thinkers into your team talks and discussions.  Discover how to engage 100% of your group and reach consensus through a unique process of information and conversations. While 75% of people want better communication at work outside of email, 7 out of 10 people don’t value time in the meeting.  This process of TEAM TALK and time together will drastically enhance FUN at WORK because your meetings will be more meaningful.

  1. How to balance all generations and communication styles in a meeting
  2. Roundtable team talk allows for everyone’s ideas to be heard
  3. A consensus is reached without overbearing leaders or hosts


Life Leisure Balance Initiatives

Park & Recreate

“Stop & have FUN”

Todd and Marsha Davis will share their years of experience in the field of leisure, recreation and community service and how that impacts people’s quality of life. They will confront the increasing busyness of “life” and share tips on how to make and take time for fun as well as how sports, hobbies & community service help our emotional “well-being”.  The success of this presentation is for the participant to recognize the value of putting the activity on a calendar then value the time to “stop” or Park and have “fun” or Recreate.  Your group will receive a handout and education on types of experiences, and how they impact the quality of life.  As the Director of Be Scottsdale Fit and Fun Todd will provide tips on where to find places to go and things to do!


  1. The need for recreation to help emotional “well-being” or quality of life to balance out our day jobs at work and home
  2. Planning and scheduling our “stop” time to participate in activities and the value of looking forward to what we want to do
  3. Different types of recreation interests for participation and their benefits to includes hobbies, volunteering, sports, fitness, outdoors and more


“Look forward to connecting with your community service of choice”

OVERVIEW:  People who make and take time to volunteer and are engaged in the community both personally and professionally, are usually more engaged at work.  When people are engaged at work and look forward to time spent in their career as well as time invested in their community they tend to be happier and more balanced in life.  Yet the challenge we all face is “I want to volunteer but I don’t have the time”.  This session will reveal the values of membership in an association and how to improve commitment for those in a volunteer team.  Participants will discover how to look forward to time spent volunteering through a time awareness assessment.

  • Do you ever leave work and say “I would rather go home then to the volunteer meeting”?
  • Do you have a committee of “one” and wonder how to get more involved?
  • Do you apologize for taking people’s time to volunteer?
  • Does your volunteer team balance tasks & relationships?


Be A Team Player

“10 values of individual commitment”

This workshop will review “ten” effective characteristics of being a contributing team player within the organization. Values of TEAM and PLAYER will be shared from the facilitator and the group will create their own set of values to create a more open communicative workplace.  Depending on the time available for the program we include learning exercises along with team talk and presentation.


  1. Ten values of being a Cooperative team member
  2. How busyness of business disconnects us as team members
  3. How to embrace conversations and communication to improve the value of time together

The Collaboration Challenge

“I’m too busy with my own projects to help you”

Discover the value of inter-department or group collaboration as this session provides team challenges with creative problem solving and rewards for performance.  These workouts reinforce “TEAM” along with a designed competition to acquire needed supplies for “group success”. After completion of team testers, each team joins three other teams to then work together to achieve a GROUP GOAL by sharing resources and objectives.  The challenge of this exercise is the reality of how we focus on our own team needs to succeed, but struggle with others because of increased competition and lack of time.


  1. Cooperation is a team value that sometimes overshadows the big picture or organizational goal
  2. Collaboration is an aggressive approach to a common goal among teams to work better together
  3. Group awareness and how to meet both “my” team and “overall” organizational goals

Leading through Guiding

“Balance People, Performance and Productivity with making People First”

This indoor or outdoor activity will combine a series of activities with discussions on how to lead a team by guiding instead of telling or having all the answers.  A series of “5-7” challenges will provide the process to discover how People will follow a leader who embraces ideas and input as part of the process.  Today’s manager is faced with leading people and accomplishing tasks and find it difficult to embrace “people” as part of the process because of conflict or lack of effective solutions.


  1. Learn how to present a challenge to the group and allow guided input towards the solution
  2. Lead them where you want to go without you telling them how to do it
  3. That leaders don’t have to know it all or have every solution to be seen as a good leader

Teamwork “happy” Hours

“without going out to the pub”

Train the Manager or Leader:  3.5 Hours

This interactive session will train managers and leaders how to provide a monthly “happy hour” team challenge in the workplace designed to increase critical thinking, communication, and cooperation.  This session will teach you how to provide an activity and give direction to your team and then facilitate the process as a group.  Start with the “quote” of the month and have a discussion, then provide the “challenge” of the month and then end with the “team talk” of the month.  All participants will be provided with a list of activities and how to run them along with the desired outcomes of the experience using guided questions.    A year’s worth of workouts for under $250 of supplies!


  1. Improve teamwork and communication skills to improve engagement skills
  2. Provide “get to know you” opportunities that aren’t online but in person
  3. Connect your group and build a sense of Friendship, Unity and meet teamwork Needs

Team Workouts-Stay Healthy & Happy

“workout monthly and embrace continued engagement in the workplace”

Department Interactive: 40 hrs. per year

This program packages many of the topics and workshops that we provide into a quarterly combination of training, team building and connections designed to improve the value of TEAM or Together Everyone Achieves More.  The workouts embrace many of our core values of a team along with a quarterly message such as “embracing change” or “have more fun” or “customer service”.  The goal of the program is to improve engagement through communication and group interaction towards common goals and objectives. Team Health will increase which equates to a happier workplace with less turnover and more engagement.


  1. Quarterly group goals on topics that deal with professional development
  2. Improved communication through creative problem solving combined with facilitation
  3. Training of team players and expectations to fit with the reason they work together


Experiential Recreation & Connections

It's time for some Team Play or interactive experiences where we will design the experience so everyone is connected while "recreating".  We have indoor, outdoor as well as unique activities with destinations such as Sedona and Flagstaff.  For team experience competitions check out TeamPlay USA, outdoor adventure with Arizona Boondockers and our Greenbelt Bike Tours.