Association Programs

The F.U.N. Factor for associations includes leadership retreats, why volunteer workshops, work-leisure balance speaking and activity club development. We have programs designed to engage boards, committees, and members to find more value through their membership!  Our 1-5-5 program releases your leaders to overcome committees of "one" through a unique team up and communication input process.  Making time for retreats and quality membership development is essential for the continued growth of an association.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has a variety of factors including increased productivity through engaged performance.  Our focus is on People and how they communicate and cooperate in meetings to improve the value of time invested.   Successful team meetings are based on a variety of factors including input to a consensus which consists of communication, cooperation, and commitment.  Our Fun at Work team process will teach a proven process in communication and cooperation that engages 100% of your group.   Besides our Fun at Work program we offer a variety of sessions including Leading through Guiding, Eggstreme Collaboration, Why Volunteer and other customized Playshops.

Meeting Activities

Team Building and Social Recreation connect people to improve relationships and communication.  Our programs incorporate mixer activities, problem-solving challenges, community services, and fun outdoor activities.  We design the right activity with the appropriate facilitation to connect people in the experience.  We specialize in Amazing Chases, Culinary Challenges, Community Service Projects, and the Team Player Workshop.  We can travel to any destination and offer per person or flat fees plus expenses.


Workshops that Work!

Tired of having people just stare at the screen?  Our Playshop "workshop" provides a variety of topics that will engage your audience with the right message.  Round tables and interactive conversations around focused talking points creates engaging workshops.  Our program success comes from 1/3 presentation and 2/3 playing and conversations towards the goal of the program.  We have a variety of programs and can design any workshop for any leadership book, training concept, or program design that you may have for your group.  We are 100% engaging on topic with no time for participants to be distracted!

Recreation Experiences that Connect!

Todd Davis has over 40 years in the Recreation and Leisure industry as a provider and designer of programs.  He founded Corporate Games, Team Play USA and VolunTEAMism combining recreation and team to connect people.  As an expert, he brings purpose to each experience with the goal of Adult Connections! His TeamPlay USA company provides a variety of team experiences that he will facilitate and operate for your group.


Next Steps...

We have programs and processes that work and will bring more fun to your group, meeting or get together.  Our value of FUN just works! Friendships will be enhanced, Unity is felt and Needs are met for the participant and organization.  Reach out to us and let us enhance an existing experience or offer one of our experiential programs.